Wrap Them in Love

Carolina Girls (part 2)

Here are more pictures for you to enjoy. These girls look like they are having so much fun! And the last picture especially brings tears to my eyes. You can just tell how they have had such a wonderful time making quilts for Wrap Them in Love and getting to know each other.

Click on the images for a larger picture.


Linda, Kathryn's friend that joined us both days and that we hope will soon be joining us.


Holley Ross, also a friend of Kathryn's that joined us for Sunday


Karen with her first completed top.


Linda again hard at work.


Lynda Brackett working hard.


Mary Ann with her completed top.


Lynda with a completed Sampler for WTIL.


Yavonne. OK, She is starting to get out of control! This is her second completed top!!!


Lynda and Mary Ann with Lynda's 2nd top.


Holly with 9 patches.


Sabrina with her 1st top.


Sabrina with her 2nd top.


Kathryn with her top.


The Carolina Girls all WRAPPED IN LOVE!!! Sabrina, Karen, Kathryn, Mary Ann, Lynda, and Yavonne.

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