Wrap Them in Love

Those Naughty Floridians

The pictures have arrived from Florida. These girls did a wonderful job, and you can tell from the pictures that they had a really fun time too!!

(Click on the images for a larger picture.)


Here is one of many pics....more will be posted soon...we had a blast...
top left to right: Pam, Karen C, Marty,
Bottom left to right: Susie, Muriel, Stormy


Janet and Pam....having way too much fun


Susie....but no Karen or Janet =-(


Susie, a good little solider, obeying Sgt. and keeping her machine going


Susie peeking behind Janets beautifully machine quilted top


2 of our wonderful tops...Muriel really was so giving...most of our tops were WIP's or UFO's given to WTIL with love from Muriel....


courthouse steps...the fast way...but look how cute..and notice the striped border...we LOVE that border...and used it any chance we got


cats cats and more cats...along with Stromy's wild border picking skills


hearts and card trick.....


Ponies and houses....just think how proud two children will be to recieve this wonderful quilts


another giant courthouse steps, aren't the colors wonderful??? and a UFO that turned out just too cute...we all loved playing in the Stash that ate Hollywood and finding combinations that would make any child smile


Oh this was so fun....Muriel had this one made ahead of time a GIANT bug jar...can't you just hear the little boys giggling over this???


looks like a snail trail but is actually a two color log cabin the other quilt is a faux log cabin....aren't they fun!!!!!!


the x-quisite quilt was a kit that Muriel had cut before the weekend...which made sewing up tops really fast...the hearts were more UFO's from Muriels stash...and would you believe I don't think we even put a dent it her stash...


Hi Sue....she is checking in with the rest of the WRAPPERS around the world


This quilt turned out so pretty...blue and white top with kites flying through the border


don't you think borders add just the right touch?

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