Wrap Then in Love

Quilting Bee around the World

January 2000


I am working on the 4th top now, it's almost done.
I'm having lots of fun, even though I don't have company. Just as well by the way... don't think any of you ladies would enjoy being around me right now. I'm playing music real loud and singing along with Shania and CÚline and others, and my singing voice leaves A LOT to wish for... ROTFL
Hm... that could be the reason DH and the kids stay downstairs... *smile*
Lots of hugs,

The next place to check in was Texas!!

There is a WTIL Sew-In happening this weekend at Marie Lowe's house. If you live near Abilene, Texas, & would like to join us, email us at and we will give you directions. Marie said there is room for several to sleep over & she is cooking. I am packing the car now, but stopped to check email messages. So join us if you can. Marie has a wonderful place in the country. Hugs to all......Ida in Texas

The Bluebonnet Sues are ready to get started!!! We are having breakfast now. Ida and Ginger got here about one hour ago. There well be the three of us today but are looking forward to have four more join us tomorrow. Some of those are from the Tx Quilters list and some from Baird. Looking forward to hear what everybody else is doing. Back to quilting.

Star is checking in from Arizona!!

I have the Irish Chain all finished! No camera but I will get some pictures taken this evening I hope. DH had to take the camera back to work for a bit. After all it is theirs (hehehe) I used what batting I could piece together - wanted to get this one done and finished! Off to get shorn! Oh to be able to see through those bangs again!
You all must be sewing hard as it is so quiet! YEAH! We can do it! yes we can!
Star - sewing alone in Arizona but have cyber friends all over the world sewing too

---another picture from Sweden!!

7 p.m. in Sweden, noon in Chicago, I finished a small top. I just love these colours! My youngest son, Christian, wanted to be in the photo too. He's almost 3. On to the next top then... :-)

Hello from Vienna!!!

I have finished two tops so far. Both got a bit bigger than I had planned but I am sure there are bigger kids at well. One is just 6" patches cut from funny children fabrics the other one is a bar pattern with a checkered border. I am cutting and sewing blocks for a third one.
Hugs from Vienna,

Here is a picture of my two "hostesses" in the store. Mary and Nancy have been here since 9:00 this morning. They started out by making huge signs to put all over the front windows of the store. Now they are sewing----and trying to talk everyone who walks into the store to come and join them for a little while!

Here are some pictures from Arizona:

- guess I should send the only two photos I have - one of me where I actually machine quilted a pretty good size quilt using trains for the enter pieces in the front and a wonderful - will get a photo of it tonight - old fashioned trains print for the back. I bought the backing about 4 years ago - saw it and bought all they had! Then there is a pile of quilts for WTIL on the corner of the dining room table and the unfinished Irish chain - center section only thrown there. DH brought me some caffeine free 7 up and some fried chicken. Told me I had to stop and eat and quit sewing so much! LOL I took a 15 minute break! Back to sewing!
Star - twinkling and going to the second machine to let the first one cool down! hehehe


Kitty from Kentucky checks in---

Hi everyone
I'm machine quilting #5. Then I will put binding on all of them at once. I had to stay at a motel one night last week so I took a card board cutting board and layered and pinned them on the bed at the motel. I had three more to do but ran out of safety pins. I had found a great buy on some cute dog material so I cut it up and added borders. Fast work but they look like they will appeal to kids.
Happy quilting from Kentucky

A note from Alaska-----

Have 1 quilt done except for binding - 4 tops done and will be working on finishing them tomorrow & Sunday -- it is so neat to be sewing and thinking of all the other ladies putting the "pedal to the metal" around the world -- have to do a grandson's birthday party tomorrow & church on Sunday - otherwise will be sewing like crazy!! DH is critiquing everything!! He is the best!!! Go Girls!!!!!!!
Karen in Southeastern Alaska