Wrap Them in Love is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization created to help children in need. Our mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world. Join us here to encourage each other while we are quilting!
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  • Christmas Quilts

    Posted on December 14th, 2018 Wrap'em No comments

    Today the local Fire Department came to pick up quilts for three families that they are helping for Christmas.  We were able to give them a special quilt for each child and for the adults in the families.  Each year, the Fire Dept  gives us a list of boys and girls with their ages for each family so that we can choose an appropriate quilt for each.  They are always very much appreciated.

    Thank you for helping us to make their Christmas a little brighter (and warmer too!)


  • We need Quilts!!!

    Posted on December 2nd, 2018 Wrap'em No comments

    With all of the disasters this year, we have been sending out a lot of quilts.  We had just sent boxes and boxes of quilts to Florida hurricane victims when the fires in California started.  Now we have emptied our shelves and there are still more requests, so we need your help.  So many, many families have lost everything and having a quilt to hang on to means the world.  We have also been able to send 168 stuffed animals that were donated, and we have requests for more of those too.  We tuck the animals in with the quilts.  They are so appreciated, but we are out of them, so if you have a new (or  like new) stuffed animal that needs a little one to love, please send it to us and we’ll get it into those little hands.

    Normally this time of year, we distribute a lot of quilts as the weather get colder.  This year, our shelves are empty and the requests are still coming.  If you have an extra quilt and have been considering donating it, now is the time.

    Thank you for all of your help,


  • 10 quilts

    Posted on June 28th, 2009 Nana No comments

    I finished my 10 quilts for June. we’re getting ready to leave for almost a month so will have to quilt like mad when we get home.  —-Nana

  • We start ’em young!

    Posted on June 14th, 2009 Wrap'em 1 comment

    Yesterday was a busy day in the quilting room!

    Concentrating on getting it just right!

    Concentrating on getting it just right!

    Ethan is just three years old, but he is already helping to quilt Wrap Them in Love quilts! —–Ellen

    All by myself!

    All by myself!

  • Quilting in AR this weekend

    Posted on June 13th, 2009 Frannie No comments

    Hi ladies….I’m hoping to get some donation blocks finished this weekend and maybe get a few tops basted.     Nice to be visiting with ya’ll.

  • Posted on June 13th, 2009 birdiec No comments

    Well, I finally got in to the blog comments part. I am glad to see others are getting ready to sew this weekend for WTIL. I am awake on the east coast and will be starting to sew momentarily. Birdie

  • Quilt all weekend!

    Posted on June 12th, 2009 Wrap'em 8 comments

    Come and join us this weekend and quilt for Wrap’em.   Click on comments for this post and let us know what you are working on and how much you get done.  We’ll be quilting here at Wrap’em headquarters from now thru Sunday.

  • Quilts for May

    Posted on May 31st, 2009 Nana No comments

    I’ve got 13 quilts so far for May.  I have also 3 flannel tops ready to go onto the backing and batting and then quilt.  I also have 2 cotton tops ready to go onto the batting and batting.


  • Quilts

    Posted on May 11th, 2009 Wrap'em No comments

    A box arrived in the mail from Shari in Montana.  Shari sent two large snuggly quilts and also some nice fabric that we will be able to use for backs on more quilts!  Thank you so much, Shari!

    We just delivered a load of donations to Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota.  Besides quilts, there were lots of boxes of clothing, a bed, a large donation of baby formula, some cleaning supplies and lots of other things.  Thank you to everyone for helping us to help the people on the reservation.

    I hope that all of you mothers had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  It was a beautiful sunny day here.  We had the sheep shearer come and shear the two sheep.  I’m sure that Mama Sheep thought that was a great Mother’s Day gift!  I think that they were happy to take off their thick wool coats in the sun.  In the afternoon I did some quilting and enjoyed the sunshine a bit. ——Ellen

  • Wrap’em Groups

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 Wrap'em 1 comment

    There are several groups either around the country or online that are supporting Wrap Them in Love with your quilts.  Please click on comments to this post and tell everyone about your group.  Where are you located? How did you get started?  How long have you been quilting for Wrap’em? Tell us something about your members.  Do you have any upcoming events planned?  Anything else you can think of to share?

    Notice that we now have three pages here.  There is this home page, an “about” page and a “quilt blocks” page.  I’ll be adding more hints and blocks there.  Eventually, I’d like to add a page about Wrap’em Groups, so I will copy and paste your comments from this post to that page in the future.  You can also email me with any special information that you’d like me to add there. ——-Ellen