Wrap Them in Love is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization created to help children in need. Our mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world. Join us here to encourage each other while we are quilting!
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  • Thank you, Karen

    Posted on December 4th, 2018 Wrap'em No comments

    Today we received a box of 10 quilts from Karen in Lincoln, NE.  Thank you so much!!  She also sent some quilt tops and fabric for backs.  Everything is much appreciated!    We are working hard to get enough quilts for requests for this month.  I am busy quilting.  Thankfully several of you have donated quilt tops, so there is plenty that need to be quilted.  It makes it so much faster and easier when we can grab a top off the shelf and start quilting.  Yesterday one of our binding angels stopped in to see if we had anything that needed bindings, so I sent 4 or 5 quilts with her.

    I am watching for the mail to see if more quilts come in from quilters  around the country.    Quilters are such amazing people, I know that we can pull together and get lots of quilts to the little ones who need them.

    Keep Quilting!!


  • We need Quilts!!!

    Posted on December 2nd, 2018 Wrap'em No comments

    With all of the disasters this year, we have been sending out a lot of quilts.  We had just sent boxes and boxes of quilts to Florida hurricane victims when the fires in California started.  Now we have emptied our shelves and there are still more requests, so we need your help.  So many, many families have lost everything and having a quilt to hang on to means the world.  We have also been able to send 168 stuffed animals that were donated, and we have requests for more of those too.  We tuck the animals in with the quilts.  They are so appreciated, but we are out of them, so if you have a new (or  like new) stuffed animal that needs a little one to love, please send it to us and we’ll get it into those little hands.

    Normally this time of year, we distribute a lot of quilts as the weather get colder.  This year, our shelves are empty and the requests are still coming.  If you have an extra quilt and have been considering donating it, now is the time.

    Thank you for all of your help,