Wrap Them in Love is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization created to help children in need. Our mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world. Join us here to encourage each other while we are quilting!
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  • for you!

    Posted on January 21st, 2019 Wrap'em No comments

    I want to share with you part of a letter that I recently received.  It is for all of you—those who send quilts or tops or fabric, those who help with the expenses, and those of you who are encouraging the rest of us to keep going.  The people who receive our quilts appreciate them greatly, as this letter shows:

    I want to tell you what a sweet privilege it was to be able to distribute some of your quilts in Paradise, CA after the Camp Fire. . .     I had the honor of talking to many people and listening to their heart breaking stories of loss and miraculous escapes. Being able to offer them a beautiful homemade quilt to provide them a symbol of caring and comfort in the midst of such traumatic and trying times was just so awesome.  One lady was moved to tears as she shared that the one thing she grieved losing the most was the quilt her mom had made her.  It was so precious for me to put an arm around her and say “Let’s see if we can find one like Mom’s.” And she found the perfect one that was “just like Mom made.”  Many Moms, Dads and children left cuddling “the one” that was just right for them.  Thank you so much for the obvious love and care you put into each and every one of these quilts.  I wish you each could have seen the real joy and peace these quilts brought to so many people.  They surely added an extra measure of blessing to my ministry.  God bless you as you continue to use your talents to bless others.”

    I want to add my thanks to each of you again.  Without all of you, we couldn’t keep providing quilts where they are needed.  Our shelves are empty right now, so keep sending quilts when you can.  There is someone waiting for just the right quilt whenever it gets here.


  • Good Morning!

    Posted on January 11th, 2019 Wrap'em No comments

    What a great way to start off the day!  I had just finished up quilting a quilt when a knock at the door brought an amazing donation!


    Seven beautiful quilts and a big box o’ stuffies!!!  The quilts are a variety of sizes, which is great because we all know that kids come in a variety of sizes too!  Thank you so much for this generous donation.

  • Starting off a new year!

    Posted on January 9th, 2019 Wrap'em No comments

    These quilts are on their way to India!

    We are busy getting more quilts ready for the next requests.  Besides quilting, I have finally finished updating the galleries  on the Wrap Them in Love website.  My goal was to get that done before the end of the year, but then a big windstorm rolled through and I was without internet service for 2 weeks!!  So, when you are having your morning coffee, spend a while looking through the gorgeous quilts in the gallery!  You might also catch a glimpse of a couple of my “mini helpers”.


  • End of the year

    Posted on January 9th, 2019 Wrap'em No comments

    It was pretty crazy around here during December.  We were able to send several boxes of quilts to fire victims in California before Christmas.  We ended up sending them 197 quilts and 291 Stuffed Animals!!  The stuffed animals started with a donation from one person, that grew  from there with more from lots of people!  The kids loved having stuffies to hug along with quilts.  It was such a hit, that we’ll continue to collect Stuffed animals throughout the year.  We’ll tuck them in with quilts when appropriate.

    We also sent a few boxes of clothing and small gifts to Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota.  They were much appreciated.

    Thank you so much to all of you for making 2018 such a successful year for us.  We are able to provide quilts where they are needed because you are there to help us.